Data, analytics, and insights for motorsports.

For Teams

Racing business fundamentals and performance differentiation are increasingly more complex and challenging, yet innovation for in–race strategy has historically been incremental. Over the past two decades, advances in quantitative data analysis and technology have introduced a step change in leading edge strategies in Major League Baseball (e.g. Billy Beane, GM of the Oakland Athletics) and the NBA (e.g. Daryl Morey, GM of the Houston Rockets). Race strategy tools are now increasingly common in Formula One racing; however, the uniquely complex nature of NASCAR race events has thus far prevented quantitative strategy tools from making significant inroads into raceday decision making.

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For fans

Pit Rho's primary business is developing fan–oriented motorsports content, including a "second–screen" application for watching NASCAR races as well as fantasy analysis and predictions. Our business vision is that quantitative data enables

  • Greater fan engagement & demographics
  • An unparalleled "second–screen" viewing experience
  • Upgraded rights values and new rights opportunities

Pit Rho's founders are convinced that building analytics and software to the standards of premier race teams will also meet the needs of the most demanding fans and fantasy drivers.

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About Us

Pit Rho is a technology company focused exclusively on the mathematical modeling of motorsports. Our company's founders include MIT Ph.D.'s and entrepreneurs with deep experience in modeling, machine learning, and software development. Currently, Pit Rho is the only company:

  • Combining best–in–class capabilities in mathematical modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence with proven commercial software development skills
  • Collaborating closely with a key team member with extensive NASCAR race engineering experience
  • Composed of entrepreneurs with a track record of venture–backed technology companies

Select Team Members:

  • Erik Allen: Founder of MIT baseball hedge fund, $500 to > $200k in 4mo; Quantitative modeler in roles spanning Fortune 50 to start-ups; MIT Ph.D.
  • Kyle Jensen: Founder of patent research firm PriorSmart, acquired by Nasdaq:RPXC; Expert in data science & machine learning; MIT Ph.D.
  • Gilman Callsen: Founder of MC10 Inc, developing stretchable electronics for athletic performance monitoring in collaboration with Reebok & others; BA, Yale.
  • Josh Browne: Race Team Program Manager. 18 years in various engineering and management roles within NASCAR and other professional motorsports.
  • Kevin Schaff: Rights and Licensing Lead. Founder & Chairman, T3 Media; Sports rights and licensing pioneer working with content leaders including the NCAA and Augusta National.

Advisory Team:

  • Joel Moxley: Pit Rho business vision and investor. Founder, Foro Energy; MIT Ph.D.
  • Daryl Morey: GM, Houston Rockets; Chair, MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.
  • Carmichael Roberts: General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners, $2.5B under management.